SeaTac PRT Major Investment Study

This is the 1997 Major Investment Study (minus the executive summary) that was created in anticipation of installing a personal rapid transit system in the city of SeaTac in Washington State. SeaTac is the airfront community of Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

The executive summary can be found at:

Appendix 01 - Introduction and Background
Appendix 02 - Public Transportation
Appendix 03 - Alternatives Definition
Appendix 04 - Ridership and System Performance
Appendix 05 - Cost Estimates
Appendix 06 - Environmental Implications
Appendix 07 - Alternatives Evaluation
Appendix 08 - Implementation Plan
Appendix 09 - Funding Options and Financial Analysis

(This scan is complete, 2008-11-16)

Front Cover the the SeaTac PRT Feasibility Project report
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