SeaTac People Mover Study

In 1992 the new City of SeaTac commissioned a People Mover study that was a precursor to the later MIS that focused on the possibilities of personal rapid transit (PRTi). This is quite an extensive study that provided much of the foundation for later thinking among the decision makers of SeaTac.

Executive Summary
Section 1, Background and "Missions"
Section 2, SeaTac People Move Technology Assessment
Section 3, Description of System Alternatives
Section 4, Patronage Estimates
Section 5, Economic Analysis
Section 6, Evaluation
Section 7, Financing Analysis
Section 8, Implementation Strategy

(this scan is now complete, 2008-11-12)

SeaTac 1992 APM Report
SeaTac_APM_A_Executive_Summary_small.pdf2.97 MB
SeaTac_APM_B_Intro_&_Section_One_small.pdf4.96 MB
SeaTac_APM_C_Section_Two_small.pdf2.15 MB
SeaTac_APM_D_Section_Three_small.pdf10.27 MB
SeaTac_APM_E_Section_Four_small.pdf2.45 MB
SeaTac_APM_F_Section_Five_small.pdf1.72 MB
SeaTac_APM_G_Section_Six_small.pdf1.76 MB
SeaTac_APM_H_Section_Seven_small.pdf1.33 MB
SeaTac_APM_I_Section_Eight_small.pdf2.63 MB
SeaTac_APM_J_Appendices_small.pdf2.14 MB