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TrakEdit is a PRT design and simulation tool developed by Taxi2000 Corp. It has several integrated components:

  • PRT layout editor, which allows placement and alteration of guideway, merges, diverges and stations
  • Map/aerial photo background layer using data from internet services including Terraserver, Windows Live Maps, Google Maps, and OpenStreetMap.
  • Extensive layout analysis tools, computing guideway lengths, circuity, walk distances, route lengths, and more
  • System Demand can be provided for analysis using several different methods, and static and dynamic analysis of the system can be done.
  • Accurate microsimulation using Taxi2000's proprietary Echo PRT control system calculates vehicle positions at subsecond intervals, meeting all passenger comfort criteria
  • You can watch the simulation while it's running, and produce a movie from it, in 2D or 3D.
  • You can also extract extensive statistical information from a simulation run: wait times, trip times, average demand, peak demand, power consumption, etc.
  • The layout can be edited, making it easy to experiment with alternate layout ideas.
  • The system simulated can be a minimal 2-station system or a giant system with hundreds of stations and thousands of vehicles.
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