An International Membership Organization Promoting Better Communities through Advances in Transit

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About the Advanced Transit Association

The ATRA Official Web Site is located at

About ATRA

The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) an international association of active and retired transportation professionals, engineers, architects, urban planners, students, educators, and enthusiasts. It is a diverse group of people brought together by the common realization that the transportation systems of the past can not meet the transportation needs of the future, or even the present. A non-profit corporation, ATRA’s purpose is not to promote the interests of its members, but rather to encourage the development and deployment of advanced transportation systems that will be a boon to everyone. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to take a fresh look at new ways to meet our transportation needs.

Technix 2012 took place 1/21/2012

Jan 21 2012
America/New York

ATRA’s annual Technical Information Exchange (nicknamed Technix) took place at the University of Maryland, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology. This friendly and informal show & tell consisted of presentations, technical Q&A and ATRA brainstorming and fellowship. The past two years the meeting has been hosted at the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transit Technology (ATRA), located near the DC beltway and near a convenient Metro stop. Despite a brief wintry weather threat, about 20 ATRA members gathered for a day of discussion.

ATRA Industry Group vendor description-Neutral

The ATRA Industry Group has put together a neutral PRTi industry description. For more information click the link below

Bill Ford on the Future of Traffic Congestion

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